Read Right

Transforms Struggling Readers to Excellent Readers

Effective for children, teens, and adults, Read Right compels the brain to remodel the neural network that, in poor readers, guides the reading process inappropriately. Because the program unleashes the power of the brain to do what brains do, struggling readers are quickly transformed to excellent readers.

What Is an Excellent Reader?

Excellent readers are:

  • 100% internally comfortable as they are reading.
  • Totally comprehending the author’s message at a literal level (assuming sufficient background knowledge to be able to understand it).

In addition, when reading out loud, the language coming out of the excellent reader’s mouth sounds natural–just like conversational speech.

Who Has Read Right Served?

Read Right consultants have trained staff in schools, colleges, prisons, detention centers, community-based organizations, and corporations to implement the unique Read Right methodology with their clientele. Delivery systems include both small group intensive intervention and whole class intervention. In addition, Read Right staff offers reading tutoring for individuals directly to children, teens, or adults at home via live, real-timeĀ  Online Tutoring. Read Right also offers a whole-class Primary Core Curriculum for K-3.

Read Right is Successful with Even the Most Challenged Readers

Read Right has an impressive record of success with English Language Learners, RTI tiers 2 & 3, Special Education including dyslexia, autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, etc.

Read Right Is for All Ages

For more than 30 years, participation in Read Right has been the catalyst for transforming children, teens, and adults to excellent readers. The older the student, the faster the growth. That means it’s never too late!