"If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must employ methods never before attempted." ~SIR FRANCIS BACON 1561-1626~

Online Reading Tutoring Online Reading Tutoring For Groups

Online Reading Tutoring for Schools, Corporations & Organizations

Group Reading Tutoring is Available Online to Virtually Everyone

Read Right online reading tutoring is available for groups. This means that your employees or students can get the reading help they need from our online tutoring for reading. Read Right reading program transforms readers, students or employees that need help with reading into excellent readers. At Read Right we get rapid results!
We have developed two delivery methods for the Read Right Reading Intervention Program: The on-site small-group reading tutoring program conducted by your teachers, instructors, and aides, as well as live and interactive Online Reading Tutoring Service delivered by our certified Read Right tutors for your students. Our Online Reading Tutoring Service gives schools and organizations with high speed Internet access the opportunity to immediately provide highly effective reading intervention to students virtually anywhere.

Initial Steps for Read Right Online Reading Tutoring

  1. Schools, colleges, corporations or private programs enroll in the Read Right Online Reading Tutoring Service. Our service for organizations includes a library of approximately 200 books plus a minimum of 20 hours of group reading tutoring (four students per “pod”).
  2. Your designated program site will be sent the Online Reading Tutoring Service Library.
  3. Enroll your individual students in the Online Reading Tutoring Service and inform the students of the scheduled reading tutoring time.
  4. Each student will be individually assessed by the Online Tutor to ensure that reading tutoring begins at a level of text complexity that will provide the best environment for success. During this assessment, the student is asked to read aloud from increasingly complex paragraphs. The type, frequency, and intensity of emerging symptoms are analyzed, and this information is used to determine the student’s proper placement in Read Right reading tutoring.
  5. Reading Tutoring begins!

Read Right Methods Found Effective via Gold Standard Research

  • Controlled research finds the methods produce “significant positive effect”
  • Positive results are achieved in weeks rather than years
  • Read Right Online Reading Tutoring is available virtually anywhere

Online Reading Tutoring is Appropriate For

  • Individuals with mild to severe reading problems
  • Tier 2 and 3 RTI students
  • Special Education students, including dyslexic and learning disabled students
  • Developmental college students
  • Adults in workforce development programs
  • English Language Learners of all ages

We have testimony from parent after parent—nothing but Read Right made their kids successful readers!

— Melinda Reeves, 2004 Texas High School Principal of the Year —