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K-12 Case Studies

Transforming Students’ Lives

Group data is a necessary component of due diligence when selecting intervention programs. However, the really important thing to know is the transformative effect the Read Right program has on participants and how that transformation changes their lives for the better.

Read Right helps students who have struggled with reading become excellent readers. Excellent readers are comfortable reading and they comprehend the authors message. When a student learns to read better, that success truly has the ability to transform their lives.

Elementary Student Case Study

Fourth Grade Virtual Non-Reader Reading at Grade Level by End of Fifth Grade

“Zach” started his brand new school when he was in the fourth grade. Prior to his enrollment, Zach had been homeschooled, and he had not yet developed the ability to read. Zach was a virtual non-reader, and he was excited to be a part of his new school’s Read Right program. During fourth grade, his participation in Read Right resulted in advancing his reading level from kindergarten level to mid-third grade. By the end of the next school year, Zach was reading at grade level (grade 5). In just two years, Read Right enabled Zach to catch up to his peers (a gain of five grade levels). Evidence that Read Right got the job done comes from Zach’s success in multiple language arts activities. On the reading test at the end of 5th grade, Zach passed with a percentage of 88%; he scored 25 out of 25 on a vocabulary test. His accumulated word count in his supplementary language arts program for his fifth grade school year: a third of a million.

Zach’s reading tutor says, “He just can’t stop reading. Read Right has given Zach the confidence and ability to be a success in his future school years and life.”

Home-schooled 2nd grader who needed help with reading becomes an excellent reader

Jerry entered elementary school as a second grader. He had been home schooled up until that time. His initial consultation on 10/10/08 revealed that he was a virtual non-reader. He could read only the words ‘and’, ‘the’, and ‘to’ in the first-grade assessment passage.

The head hung low, non-smiling Jerry became an excellent reader in a total of 71.4 hours. He had transformed into a funny, social butterfly that now reads at grade level in third grade. His ISAT scores in reading and math landed in the advanced level.

In Their Own Words

Click on the video links below to see what was said when we asked students, parents, and teachers about their experiences with Read Right.

2nd Grade Teacher: Read Right is a New Tool for Success 3rd Grader: Mother & Son Discuss Transformation 4th Grader: Former Struggling Reader Reads Nearly Every Day Now

Middle School Student Case Study

Boy with Multiple Challenges Becomes a Successful Reader in Read Right

“Brad” was identified as a struggling reader by his school when he was in the 5th grade, but he was not placed in the Read Right intervention program until he was in 8th grade. His school-based Read Right intervention specialist notes that Brad’s speech was hard to understand, and he often didn’t complete sentences. The Read Right consultation process placed Brad at a grade 2-3 reading level to begin tutoring. After only 45 hours of tutoring, Brad was able to read comfortably and with full comprehension at grade level (approximately six grade levels of gain). Brad’s ability to speak clearly and accurately grew along with his reading ability. The dramatic change in him has surprised and impressed everyone. Before starting the program, Brad had a long history of discipline issues. The frequency and severity of incidents declined dramatically as his ability to read and speak improved.

From Brad’s tutor: “Brad has a bright future and he will be a success. . . Middle school Read Right students gain a grade level in an average of 14 to 18 hours of tutoring. Brad surpassed that average.”

In Their Own Words

Listen to the videos below to see what was said when we asked students, parents, and teachers about their experiences with Read Right.

Grade 3-8 Educator: One Methodology Works for All Ages 6th Grade Group: Students Discuss and Demonstrate Individual Success

High School Student Case Study

ESL High School Student Overcomes Reading Problem

“Antonio” began Read Right tutoring as a high school sophomore two months after school had started. Spanish is the primary language spoken in his home. Antonio started with English-language Read Right tutoring at a 2nd-3rd grade reading level. By the end of the year, he was progressing well. Antonio returned to the Read Right program in the Fall of his junior year, eager and very willing to work. Teachers in his other classes noticed the difference. “He’s just a different kid from last year,” one stated. Other observations from his high school teachers: Antonio works harder and cares more about his grades and he is now a great contributor to his classes, rather than distracting other students.

States his high school reading tutor: “Thanks to Read Right, Antonio has become a very confident reader and student. His future looks very bright as he prepares for his senior year.”

In Their Own Words

Listen to the videos below to see what was said when we asked students, parents, and teachers about their experiences with Read Right.

Graduating High School Student Learns to Read His Senior Year High School Senior Passes State Tests, Credits Read Right High School Reading Specialist Describes Success with Toughest Case

I love Read Right. I do think that kids would really enjoy this. There’s someone actually reading to you and then you get to read back to them. If you didn’t know how to read and this program will actually help you with that to help you get going in life.

— Cayla, Age 15 —