National Center on Intensive Intervention at American Institute

The American Institute’s National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) has awarded Read Right methodology its highest rating, based upon the quality of its scientific evidence of effectiveness as a reading improvement program.

The NCII uses a bubble rating system to help educators and parents quickly identify what is and is not supported by “convincing evidence.” The four levels are:

Full BubbleConvincing evidence
Half BubblePartially convincing evidence
Empty BubbleUnconvincing evidence
Null BubbleData unavailable

The rating earned by Read Right:   Full BubbleConvincing evidence

We encourage you to compare Read Right to dozens of reading intervention programs examined by the NCII at their website (click link below). The list includes many popular reading programs you may recognize.

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“My 6-Year-Old Reads!”

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Wow! Thank you, Dr. Dee! My son started reading at age 5, before he started Kindergarten thanks to this book (Read Right! Coaching Your Child to Excellence in Reading by Dee Tadlock, Ph.D., New York: McGraw-Hill, 2005)! A year later he’s 6 and reading at a second grade level! I followed this book closely after Dr. Dee’s staff helped me with my own reading problem. I didn’t want my own kids to struggle the way I did when I was teen, so I was willing to do something different. The book lays out in detail (Chapter 3) the brain science of how excellent reading ability develops, then explains why young readers should NOT be directed to “sound out words” (decoding). The book covers the right way to help pre-schoolers acquire the basic phonics knowledge they need to figure out the complex reading process. We NEVER asked him to sound out a single word! (NOTE: In September 2020, her son was tested for reading ability by his public school. He was already reading at an upper Grade 1, Lower Grade 2 reading level.)

A Solution for Middle School Students

August 29, 2020

In reading education, researchers have come to know lots about teaching young children how to decipher words. The struggling adolescent reader, on the other hand, is still unconquered territory.

Here are a couple of new reports, however, that offer a sliver of hope. The first is a randomized experiment on a program called Read Right. Currently used in about 500 schools across the country, the model calls for students to be taught in separate classes during the school day with no more than five students per tutor. 

Award Winning

Read Right is a highly structured reading intervention program (small group and individual tutoring) designed to produce rapid reading improvement for children, teens, and adults regardless of labels that have been attached—RTI, Title I, English language learners, or special education (including dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, autistic, etc.).

Read Right methods rely on the plasticity of the brain to remodel the neural network that, in poor readers, guides the reading act inappropriately. Pre/Post evaluations with norm-referenced, standardized reading tests, District tests, State tests, and third-party gold-standard research all verify the effectiveness of Read Right. The gold-standard research has been reviewed and rated highly for quality and rigor by the National Center on Response to Intervention. Read Right methodology is unique because it rapidly advances virtually every student, regardless of his or her reading level or the “labeled” learning problem. Even non-readers of all ages have experienced rapid success in learning to read with Read Right methodology. Unlike most reading intervention programs, the older the Read Right student, the faster the growth.

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Read Right: Coaching Your Child to Excellence in Reading

This book review tells about how Read Rights reading tutoring program has helped more than 20,000 struggling readers become excellent readers and learn to read better. Read Right reading program is supported by 25 years of research, the revolutionary approach addresses both conscious and subconscious aspects of reading and offers you the most efficient and effective ways to help children learn to read better.

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“Best-ever reading program”

R. Janet Walraven
As a K-12 teacher, I searched for 15 years to find a reading program that was not just another workbook or phonics or comprehension program. READ RIGHT is the answer. Learning it was a challenge because it was a paradigm shift from anything else. Once I learned the program, it was like watching miracles happen with my students. Anyone of any age can learn to read comfortably (excellently) as well as they can speak. ESL and online are also available. This is the silver bullet, in my opinion, for education. I’d love to see it used in every classroom in America. One person found this helpful

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July 29, 2019

“We have parents with kids in college now who know their kids probably wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Read Right. I am definitely an advocate.”
–Melinda Reeves, 2004 Texas High School Principal of the Year