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July 29, 2020

“We have parents with kids in college now who know their kids probably wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Read Right. I am definitely an advocate.”
–Melinda Reeves, 2004 Texas High School Principal of the Year

A Solution for Middle School Students

July 29, 2020

In reading education, researchers have come to know lots about teaching young children how to decipher words. The struggling adolescent reader, on the other hand, is still unconquered territory.

Here are a couple of new reports, however, that offer a sliver of hope. The first is a randomized experiment on a program called Read Right. Currently used in about 500 schools across the country, the model calls for students to be taught in separate classes during the school day with no more than five students per tutor. 

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Read Right is a highly structured reading tutoring intervention program designed to produce rapid reading improvement for children, teens, and adults regardless of labels that have been attached—RTI, Title I, English language learners, or special education (including dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, autistic, etc.).

Read Right relies on the plasticity of the brain to remodel the neural network that, in poor readers, guides the reading act inappropriately. Pre/Post evaluations with norm-referenced, standardized reading tests, District tests, State tests, and third-party gold-standard research all verify the effectiveness of Read Right. The gold-standard research has been reviewed and rated highly for quality and rigor by the National Center on Response to Intervention. Read Right methodology is unique because it rapidly advances virtually every student, regardless of his or her reading level or the “labeled” learning problem. Even non-readers of all ages have experienced rapid success in learning to read with Read Right methodology. Unlike most reading intervention programs, the older the Read Right student, the faster the growth.

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Read Right: Coaching Your Child to Excellence in Reading

This book review tells about how Read Rights reading tutoring program has helped more than 20,000 struggling readers become excellent readers and learn to read better. Read Right reading program is supported by 25 years of research, the revolutionary approach addresses both conscious and subconscious aspects of reading and offers you the most efficient and effective ways to help children learn to read better.

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National Center on Intensive Intervention at American Institute

Read Right has two delivery Models:
1. Site-Based (delivered to your students by your teachers and aides trained in Read Right methodology)

2. Online Reading Tutoring Service (delivered to your students by online tutors employed by Read Right Systems)
Read Right small-group tutoring for reading can be delivered Online, via the latest video conferencing technology. Students see and hear the reading tutor and the tutor sees and hears each student. This option is appropriate for before or after school programs; supplemental education services; potential school clients that may want to pilot Read Right before beginning a site-based adoption; home bound students; schools that have limited staffing; or clients who have only small numbers of students. The Online format is 1 tutor to 4 students. It has been used effectively with regular education, special education, and English language learners in mixed groups.
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Homeschooling Almanac

Read Right is available online via live, real-time tutoring utilizing audio & video conferencing software. Students receive the same highly-effective instruction as in Read Right’s school-based programs, and with the same exceptional results.

Online tutoring is convenient—tutor anywhere, as long as you have the equipment. It’s private because you can be in your own home. You don’t have to wonder if it will work–there’s a money-back guarantee!
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California Homeschooling Today

When an individual learns to read, he builds a network in his brain to guide the doing of it. Reading problems are caused when the network is not built correctly: because the network has errors encoded in, it operates inappropriately when it is accessed to read.

The individual has to read the way the network is guiding the process; he cannot read in any other way. It follows that the only way to eliminate a reading problem is to compel the brain to re-model the network so it yields excellent reading every time it is accessed to make reading happen. Brains are “plastic,” but they are unlikely to accidently encounter an environment that would cause them to remodel existing circuitry. The tutoring environment must be precise to facilitate the remodeling work and ensure it will happen.
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