"If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted." ~SIR FRANCIS BACON 1561-1626~


Read Right’s Unique Methods Produce Rapid Results

Are you frustrated with claims that the only path to reading success is intensive phonics instruction and the ability to quickly name words? Have your children or students been there, done that (e.g., DIBELS), and failed to grow in reading ability as promised?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Parents, teachers, and school systems across the country are wondering, “Why aren’t recommended methods working?” FACT: Two-thirds of all American students (Grades 4 – 12) read at or below a basic level by the time they reach Grade 4 (Source: National Assessment of Educational Progress data, 1992 – 2020). Hard-working teachers are not the cause. FACT: The condition has existed for decades — and Read Right’s success with alternative methods explains why.

Read Right Reading Intervention is a REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH to reading improvement grounded in multiple areas of brain science and documented to work with all ages, all levels of reading difficulty, and most disabilities, including dyslexia. Over a 30-year period, Read Right’s founder applied multiple areas of brain science to a unique approach to reading development, then documented its rapid success (months, instead of years) with elementary students, middle school students, college students, workforce adults, and a wide variety of reading issues and disabilities. Often, Read Right students attain grade level reading within one-half to one school year. Source: A comparison of 2010 Striving Readers Final Report data with comparable findings produced by Education Northwest in Evaluation of Read Right in Omaha Middle and High Schools, 2009-2010.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM: In the Year 2000, the National Reading Panel launched the idea that reading can be systematically taught through just five explicit instructional areas: phonemic awareness, phonics and decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension (in that order). However, in its original report, NRP members acknowledged there was not sufficient time to study more than the named five. The panel even named other areas of reading development that needed further study. Thus, they acknowledged what many reading experts know: reading is a far more complex neural activity.  The most outspoken National Reading Panel member on this topic was the author of the NRP’s Minority View, Dr. Joann Yatvin.

HERE IS THE READ RIGHT SOLUTION: For decades, the field of cognitive psychology has recognized that all learning involves two distinct memory systems: explicit or declarative memory (this is all knowledge that can be stated; thus, it can be readily taught through explicit instruction) vs. implicit procedural memory (all the complex neural processing that must occur to perform any process, such as talking, walking, playing an instrument, performing a sport, reading, math, and much more. Procedural knowledge cannot be “taught” because it occurs below the level of conscious awareness. Instead, it must be developed through a strategic process of continual trial and error by the individual student, until success is achieved.  Read Right methodology is the first to unite the explicit components necessary for the development of excellent reading ability, with highly structured strategies to compel successful implicit procedural learning. We define excellent reading as reading that always sounds as natural as conversational speech when performed aloud (proper pace and intonation with no miscues or awkward pausing) and always producing full comprehension (with sufficient background knowledge).

Read Right is a Game-Changer

Read Right Tutoring was the first reading program to understand that fluency and comprehension are not separate skills. Both are windows into the brain’s successful — or unsuccessful — integration of complex neural activity. It is the reason Read Right immerses struggling readers in reading activities, while providing the right kind of coaching and guidance to help individuals figure out all of the complex aspects of the reading process. Struggling readers correct the reading problem faster and better with Read Right methodology.

CONTACT US or VISIT OUR Video Library to hear from students, parents, teachers, specialists, and school and college administrators who’ve all observed the rapid results we’ve described. Choose from dozens of testimonial videos. More than 100 people asked to participate during the single week we created these videos — and no one was compensated for their participation.

 I’ve been told I was stupid, unteachable, you name it. It hurts. I’ve just wanted to feel normal. Read Right gave me a gift, the knowledge that I can achieve my goals.

— Jan T, Age 57, Advanced 8 grade levels in 60 hours of tutoring, Boeing - Auburn, WA —