"If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must employ methods never before attempted." ~SIR FRANCIS BACON 1561-1626~


Read Right: 30 Years of Development

Read Right is for anyone

This Is What Read Right Looks Like

Read Right is for anyone who struggles with reading. We really mean that! Read Right is in use in elementary and secondary schools all across the US.

Read Right Methodology is a Game-Changer

Read Right immerses struggling readers in reading activities plus the right kind of coaching and guidance to help individuals figure out all of the complex aspects of the reading process. Struggling readers learn to read better using Read Right methodology.

For individuals with mild to severe reading problems (including dyslexia), Read Right methodology offers a significantly new approach. Read Right really works!

  • Read Right focuses on complex cognitive processing, essential for reading excellence: When struggling readers implicitly begin to focus on the construction of meaning each and every time they read rather than focus on single words in isolation, they begin to “remodel” how they read for the specific purpose of comprehension. This is an important key to the success of Read Right methodology.
  • Read Right compels struggling readers to figure out all of the implicit aspects of the reading process: Excellent readers implicitly (below the level of conscious awareness) use more than alphabetic clues to read excellently. They implicitly integrate phonetic clues with pre-existing knowledge of the subject matter, pre-existing knowledge of language and its structure, knowledge of punctuation, and more as they seek to answer the question: What does the text say? Read Right methodology creates the right kind of environment to help struggling readers make new discoveries about what works to produce reading excellence. This work cannot be explicitly taught. Struggling readers must have appropriate and precise guidance that helps them figure it out for themselves, at the level of their own neural processing.

Read Right is a comprehensive tutoring system

“Read Right” is not a product, per se. You cannot purchase it on the shelf and take it home to try. Read Right is a comprehensive intervention system available for use by schools, colleges, and adult literacy programs or available to individual consumers via Online Tutoring. We provide intensive training in the methodology to program sites or online tutoring directly for individual clients.


Read Right methodology is evidence-based, integrating scientific information from reading theory, learning theory, language acquisition theory, cognitive psychology, neural development, and more into a complete and cohesive view of what is required to achieve efficient and effective reading ability. It works because it goes beyond the words on the page, considering instead all that is required for every reader to construct efficient and effective neural networks to guide the process of reading. Read Right helps students move from struggling with simplistic reading skills to efficient complex cognitive processing focused on the construction of meaning.

Thirty years in development This comprehensive view has been translated into:

  1. An effective approach for early reading development and children birth to Grade 1 (the book Read Right! Coaching Your Child to Excellence in Reading by Dee Tadlock, Ph.D., publisher: McGraw-Hill).
  2. A well-defined system of instruction for K-2 classrooms (the Read Right Primary Core Curriculum).
  3. A highly structured small-group reading intervention program for all ages (the Read Right Reading Intervention Program for Grades 3-12, colleges, and adult literacy programs).
  4. And, introduced in 2011, the Read Right Online Tutoring Service, making Read Right tutoring available to everyone virtually everywhere. We currently tutor clients in the United States (west coast, east coast, central time-zone, Alaska, and Hawaii), Australia, and Canada. We can tutor in English in virtually any time zone, schedule permitting.

We invite you to spend a little time hearing from educators, parents and students on the success they’ve observed with Read Right methodology. Below are video‚Äôs from educators. Please listen to what they have to say about Read Right methodology. And how Read Right rapidly improved the reading skills in their students. Visit our Video Library to choose from dozens of testimonial videos. No one was paid for their participation. Everyone in these videos participated because Read Right works and they want you to know about it.

It was an absolute pleasure to hear one of the Read Right pupils present a written briefing to the Agri-products Supply Chain Project team and his peer group this week. His written report, presentation style, ability to read the report without difficulty, and the ability of his audience to follow, assimilate, and understand his points and position taken has improved 1,000 fold. The credit for this has to go to the Read Right program.

— Doug Clark, Manager, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada —