Written Testimonies


I saw a student make a complete transformation. We heard that one of our small group instructors was doing (Read Right) with middle school struggling readers, so we asked to send one of our 9th graders down. Both his English and reading were weak when he started, but we were blown away after three months. His language imporved and he started opening up to other students and performing successfully in classes. I've never seen anything like it.

— Mr. Jamison, Brooklyn-area high school, NYC — 

My daughter was struggling to read since trying to learn sight words in kindergarten. Her teachers would always put her in reading groups during the school year, but she was always still years behind in her reading. I was frustrated and did not know where to go, until I found ReadRight. I had tried other programs, but none of those helped her. I'm glad I tried another program one more time because she became a great reader. She's fluent when reading and if she doesn't know a word she can figure it out on her own, something she couldn't do before. Even though she is no longer in the program, it has allowed her to still grow and she can practice what she was taught. Now she enjoys reading. 

— Amanda Kelley/ parent, CA — 

Our granddaughter progressed from a tense and halting reader who was shy and inward, to one who not only discovered her ability to read excellently, but who actually enjoys reading! Today our granddaughter is a confident teenager who does well in school and loves to read. As the grandparents who supported this rapid transformation, we've received hugs and appreciation, but it is Read Right pioneer Dr. Dee Tadlock, and our granddaughter's expert Read Right tutor, who deserve the credit. Dr. Dee is a visionary leader. I have the greatest admiration for her contribution to the field of reading education, and for her heart-felt commitment to helping struggling readers. -- Submitted to LinkedIn

— Jack, Elias — 

Read Right has found the solution to what we need to do to get students to read. 

— Toni Pace, Former High School Principal, Washington — 

Reading sucked. I mean, I really hated it. My Read Right tutor showed me that reading isn't that hard when you look at it differently. I don't try to sound out the words any more. And I know why punctuation's there. Now, I know the author is telling me a story and my job is to read for meaning. TBH, it's the greatest. Really.

— Myaleah, Student, Grade 6, GA — 

I didn't really think I had a reading problem. I've always been really good with school. My mom wanted me to try Read Right just to see what it might do. I was kind of surprised. They start out with easy text and, the harder it got, the more I struggled. I ran sentences together and didn't really know what to do with punctuation. Sometimes I couldn't even tell the tutor what I'd just read. It was messed up. In just two and half months my tutor helped me fix it. Now I read great. I know I'll be ready for high school.

— David, Grade 7, SC — 

I believe everybody ought to know about Read Right. This is the perfect environment to really test it because we have a variety of diagnosed learning disorders. But, regardless of what the learning disorder is or is classified as, it has worked with every child. And, that’s when you have real success, when you see every child advancing at their level.

— Harriet Walber, Director, Gateway School — 

Teaching with Read Right is one of the most gratifying things I have ever done. Enjoy watching the miracles--with all kinds of students!

— R. Janet Warlraven —