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Do you or your child need help with reading? Read Right’s highly effective online tutoring for reading is now available online for children, teens, and adults. Read Right is for anyone who wants to improve their reading skills and learn to read better–from mild to severe reading problems, including dyslexia.

Read Right’s online reading tutoring is designed to permanently transform struggling readers into proficient, confident readers. How? We do not use artificial exercises or word-by-word reading strategies. Instead, we use highly structured reading tutoring with stories and books that has been validated as effective by rigorous, gold-standard research. This research recently earned high ratings from the National Center for Response to Intervention.

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Money-Back Guarantee

If after the first eight online reading tutoring sessions, the student has not demonstrated progress as defined by a reduction of the symptoms that emerge during an oral read, the program can be discontinued and the client can return all the materials for a full refund of tutoring and materials charges. Only the $100 reading consultation charge for the initial assessment and introduction of Read Right methods is non-refundable. Compare that to thousands charged by  other reading  programs for their initial assessment.

Our Online Reading Tutoring Service allows individuals and families to access high quality tutoring in the comfort and convenience of their own homes or any location equipped with high speed internet. If you do not have access to the required technology, Read Right reading tutoring is available through other means. Contact us for information.

Initial Steps for Read Right Online Reading Tutoring

  1. Struggling readers are first assessed to ensure that reading tutoring begins at a level of text complexity that will provide the best environment for success. The child, teen, or adult is asked to read aloud from increasingly complex paragraphs. The type, frequency, and intensity of emerging symptoms are analyzed, and this information is used to determine the individual’s proper placement in Read Right reading tutoring.
  2. After the initial assessment, individuals decide whether to enroll in the Read Right Online Reading Tutoring Service.
  3. After enrollment, a collection of books chosen specifically for the individual is shipped to the provided address. The student will work with this “mini-library” until he or she is reading comfortably and confidently and with full comprehension.
  4. A regular reading tutoring time is set, during which the student will go online and log into the scheduled reading tutoring session.
  5. Tutoring begins!

What Accounts for the Success of Read Right Reading Tutoring?

Read Right tutoring is highly effective because we use an immersive environment and highly structured methods to address BOTH explicit/declarative learning and implicit/procedural learning. Both are essential for reading success. Virtually all other reading interventions focus on the explicit aspects of reading development. Scientific neuro-imaging studies have documented that the human brain processes explicit information and implicit neural activity in significantly different ways. Read Right methodology uses implicit/procedural learning to harness the brain’s natural “plasticity,” or the ability to construct and remodel the neural networks that guide all of the functions we perform, including reading. Top athletes and musicians use implicit/procedural learning all the time to perfect their abilities!

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Teaching with Read Right is one of the most gratifying things I have ever done. Enjoy watching the miracles--with all kinds of students!

— R. Janet Warlraven —