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Online Tutoring for Reading

Read Right's Highly Effective Tutoring for Reading is Now Available Virtually Anywhere

The Read Right Online Tutoring Service allows individuals, families, and groups seeking to help children, teens, and adults improve in reading ability access highly effective tutoring to eliminate reading problems virtually anywhere via the convenience of a computer, high-speed Internet, and online video-conferencing technology. Read Right tutoring is effective with:

  • Children ages 7 and up, teens, and adults with mild to severe reading problems
  • Dyslexic students
  • Special Education students, including learning disabled students
  • English language learners
  • Developmental college students.
  • Adults who have struggled with reading for years

For individuals and families, we guarantee your satisfaction. Our Online Tutoring Service uses the same Read Right methods verified to be effective through gold-standard research. All you need is (1) a computer with the capacity to handle video-conferencing technology, (2) high-speed Internet access, and (3) a microphone and head-set to use to communicate with the Online Tutor.

        "My son, Chase, started 4th grade a couple of weeks ago and went through all of the usual reading assessments. His teacher told me he came in third in the class...and first in comprehension! THANK YOU for all that you have done for my son to help him become an excellent reader and a confident student." 

       – Megan, mother of Chase, a Read Right Individual Tutoring graduate

What Accounts for the Success of Read Right Tutoring?

Read Right Tutoring is highly effective because our methods are grounded in fundamentally different Assumptions as to (1) what causes reading problems and (2) what is required for excellent reading ability to develop. Read Right tutoring works with the brain's natural "plasticity" (the ability to construct and remodel neural networks) via "implicit procedural learning" to completely eliminate the reading problem. Individuals with brain injury use implicit procedural learning all the time to regain lost functions. Athletes and musicians use implicit procedural learning all the time to perfect their abilities.

For more information about our Online Tutoring contact Mervina Sturgeon at mervinas@readright.com or call (360) 545-4443 (Pacific Standard Time).