"If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted." ~SIR FRANCIS BACON 1561-1626~

Workforce Literacy Onsite Reading Improvement

Reading Improvement, Online Tutoring Service & English Acquisition for Corporate Employees

Read Right Systems offers an innovative, cost efficient site-based program for large corporate sites seeking to improve employee reading comprehension and English language acquisition. A Read Right Consultant comes to your facility and trains your staff (permanent or temporary) to implement the program. Our highly structured system of small-group tutoring works quickly with mild to severe reading problems. Smaller facilities and remote operations also can begin to improve reading ability and language skills immediately through our Online Tutoring Service, accessible anywhere via the latest e-conferencing technology (requires high-speed Internet access).

Employee productivity is important and for many corporations teaching employees to read also increases productivity.

Who is the Program For?

  • Anyone who wants to improve his or her reading ability
  • Employees with dyslexia or other learning disabilities
  • Total non-readers
  • Non-native speakers who want to improve their English language proficiency

What Accounts for the Success of the Read Right Program?

Reading problems are caused when students construct a faulty neural network to guide the process of reading. Because the network has errors encoded in, it operates inappropriately when it is accessed to read. The result is less than efficient, effective reading.

The only way to eliminate a reading problem is to compel the brain to re-model the network. The Read Right tutoring methodology compels the brain to do this remodeling work, resulting in comfortable, natural reading and understanding of the author’s message. Brains are “plastic,” but they are resistant to remodeling existing networks. The tutoring environment must be precise to facilitate the remodeling work. Read Right consultants come to your school and train members of your staff to be small group tutors, skilled in providing just the right environment.

Read Right simultaneously fosters English acquisition by engaging the employee in instructional interactions that mirror the way the brain learned language in the first place by being immersed in meaningful, comprehensible language—not by studying isolated vocabulary or learning grammar rules. Have you ever seen a two-year-old studying a grammar handbook or a list of vocabulary words? Our wholistic interventions are strategic and timely, and the speed of English acquisition is optimized.

Will Employees Choose to Participate in the Read Right Program?

Yes! No one wants to have a reading problem. We conduct information meetings for small groups of employees to tell them about Read Right and how it works quickly to eliminate reading problems and increase proficiency in English. Many employees will sign up at these meetings. When the program begins, we deliver on our promise, the word gets around, and more employees sign up for the program. The tutoring sessions can be offered on or off company time. Predictably, more employees will choose to participate if the sessions are offered on company time.

Immediate Service to Employees Combined with Intensive Staff Training

We provide seven weeks (spread over 18 weeks) of effective, hands-on training of up to four of your staff to be small group tutors (up to 4 employees per group) in the innovative Read Right methodology, to perform individual student assessments, and to use the project management and student management systems, training materials, implementation manuals, reporting systems, and quality assurance systems. If you wish, Read Right Systems can provide the staff to train by working through a local manpower organization.

Read Right Systems Provides:

  • The Read Right library, consisting of 700+ books and materials needed to implement the methodology
  • The Read Right digital library, which contains the audio files needed for one component of the library
  • Systems for project and student management, quality assurance, and reporting
  • Extensive off-site support for ongoing quality assurance and collaborative problem-solving when Read Right Consultants are not on site doing training

Read Right Online Tutoring Program, an Implementation Alternative

The Read Right Intervention Program can be delivered through direct Online tutoring of your employees rather than through an on-site program. In the Online program:

Employees are tutored in groups of up to four via the Internet by Read Right staff

Each employee in the group must have access to a computer with Internet connection, webcam, and a headset with microphone

Employees participating in Read Right have reported re-work is decreasing and productivity is increasing due to their improved reading skills.

— R.A. West, Manager Human Resources, Fabrications Division, Boeing —