"If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must employ methods never before attempted." ~SIR FRANCIS BACON 1561-1626~

Workforce Literacy Return on Investment

Read Right Yields a High Return on Your Investment

One company’s experience:

Deknatel manufactures a broad array of medical devices. They initiated a Continuous Improvement Institute (CII) in which employees received 50 hours of training in company products, team problem solving, and quality tools, such as Pareto analysis, brainstorming, fishbone diagrams, etc. After the first of many planned trainings, corporate leaders were disappointed with the results and determined that poor reading skills prevented full participation and effective implementation. Deknatel brought in Read Right to improve employee literacy, and then continued the CII trainings.

Revenue per employee increased from $131,000 to $177,000 in the three years after Read Right and CII were initiated.

Improvements that occur in production, quality, safety, team participation, and communications mean money to the bottom line.




Team Participation


Suggestions from employees participating in the Continuous Improvement Institute and the Read Right program saved $760,000 in one year and another $1.3 million from new suggestions during the second year. That’s $2 million in savings total. Those are real numbers. They’re documented; they’re audited. For every $1 we spent on Read Right, we got $5 back.We couldn't have done it without the Read Right program. Improvement never stops after people have the skills.

— Robert Pelletier, Vice President, Manufacturing, Deknatel —