Blog The Best Job in the World

December 22, 2023

by Rhonda Stone

There is a saying: “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

Not sure I like the phrase. When I first heard it, it made me feel guilty. I was “working” too much, too hard, and the pressure and fatigue were wearing me down. Yet, I’ve been blessed to always enjoy my work.

I have a new phrase:

The best job in the world is the one you love…because you’re helping others. It may not be the easiest, and it may have it’s ups and downs, but you wouldn’t do anything else because it’s making a difference in someone’s life.

Read Right Systems would like to extend our sincerest thanks to EVERY individual, family, school, and adult reading group ever connected to the power of Read Right methodology. Whether as a student, parent, teacher, teaching assistant, or a current and former Read Right staff member, you are the reason we have the best jobs in the world.

We thank you and wish you an amazing year in 2024.

And, in celebration of Read Right’s 40 years of work, we invite you to share your personal stories below of how Read Right made a difference for you:

From Syrena S:

“Wanted to share this beautiful win with you: Autumn volunteered to read in front of her WHOLE school for a school assembly today! It was a short passage about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Huge thank you for helping give her the confidence in reading to do this!”

From Angela CS:

“We had pretty much given up hope that our very bright 10th grade son would learn to read. My husband was at a school-related conference and called to tell me about people he met who tutor reading over the phone. What??? Really??? I went to the Read Right presentation and met (Dr. Dee Tadlock). We all said, “Let’s try it.” Forever grateful! Our son (now) reads piles of books, college and business…thank you!!”

From Susan S:

“My daughter struggled with reading until high school and Read Right. She went on to tutor other students using the program. As a teacher, I have also used Read Right with great success. She is graduating as a teacher this year. Read Right works!”

From Tali JM:

“I used the Read Right strategies with my severely dyslexic grandson and saw wonderful results! The strategies used by Read Right do make a difference!”

Tawnee BJ:

“My daughter’s entire future was changed by Read Right. She has been accepted into a great college and has big plans and ideas for her life!”

From Susan Malone H:

“We used it at our high school for 6 years before I retired and I have never seen any method work as well as this one. Thank you, Dr. Tadlock!”

From Barbara JK:
“Your comment about loving your job and experiencing a life change was completely my experience with Read Right. I began as a tutor at an industrial site. Experiencing working with struggling adult readers, I found a mission to be part of a methodology that worked so rapidly and so successfully. I worked as a consultant with Read Right for the next 10 years, implementing programs in industry and schools from elementary to college settings, watching the students become successful readers. For me, it was a life change. Ten years later at age 83, I am thankful for Dr. Tadlock’s wisdom and her commitment to the students. It makes me proud to have had that opportunity to work with Read Right. Thank you, Dee!”

From Nancy HB:

“Dr. Tadlock, when I used your methods to work with Special Education students, I felt like I was “curing” educational cancer. They were the most satisfying and powerful years in my entire career. Read Right positively impacted every single student. I was honored to tutor. …You have changed more lives than you’ll ever know.”

From Joy W:

“Happy birthday and greetings from Eugene, OR. Your work has truly saved lives, because reading saves lives. Thank you for all you have done. You deserve the very best.”

From Sandra G:

“You enriched my life and the lives of my students.”

From Roxane P:

“As an educated, trained Reading Specialist, I 100% agree with Dr. Dee’s methodology. It works, I’ve seen it first hand. Thank you, Dr. Dee, for bringing us what the world of education needs!”

From Jill S:

“Fantastic program!”