Blog Meet Max–A 13-year-old Happy, Successful Reader

May 26, 2023

By Rhonda Stone
Read Right Online Tutoring Coordinator

Every educator will tell you the warmest moments on Earth come when a former student tells you, “Thank you. What you did for me made a huge difference!”

Max is one of those students. He’s 13 today, but was just 11 years old when his parents signed him up for Read Right Online Tutoring. Keep in mind: spending two hours a week after school with an online tutor is NOT how most adolescents want to spend their free time! Max made it pretty clear early on that tutoring was NOT something he wanted to do–but he’d do it, because he was told to! See his video interview here to learn how he tried to avoid reading!

It was a pleasure to work with Max. He is a determined young man who dreams of becoming an elite baseball pitcher. As soon as he figured out that Read Right was making a difference for him, he buckled down and put in the work. And, in just 10 months working with a tutor for 55 minutes two days a week, he went from “Needs Intervention” to “Average and Above Average” reader! Yay, Max!

It was my pleasure to check in with Max 18 months after he left Read Right Online Tutoring. Max and his parents gave me permission to record an interview. Did Read Right make a difference? Remarkably, Max has saved every S.T.A.R. reading test report he has been given since Grade 5–and he quickly pulled out his Grade 5 test (it was a shock to me, too; I had no idea Max is so organized!)

Max pointed out that his Grade 5 results were expressed by lots of red and yellow color bars–all indicative of a significant reading problem. And today? Max is delighted to be in the greens and blues. He officially reads above average, even though he hasn’t had a tutoring session since October 2021!

As a parent of children who once struggled with reading, a reading tutor, and the coordinator of Read Right’s Online Tutoring Program, I love that Read Right improvement grows with students, regardless of their age. The key: Students need to graduate from the Read Right Online Tutoring Program. It works–and students like Max are the reason I work with Read Right methodology!