Blog The Reason I Work at Read Right

August 19, 2020

by Rhonda Stone
Read Right Communications & Training

I started my own Read Right journey 20 years ago when both of my children were struggling with reading. You may know how it is: You love your kids. The last thing you want is to see them suffer because their peers can read–but they can’t. They feel stupid. You hunt high and low for solutions, try things you’re told will work, and end up after the kids are in bed fighting back tears because nothing you’ve tried works.

Years ago, that was me. Then, I met Read Right founder Dr. Dee Tadlock. She explained the problem to me succinctly: Reading is far more complex than knowing the sounds each letter of the alphabet makes and using that knowledge to sound out words. It took a while, but she eventually convinced me that over-emphasis on phonics and word-by-word reading were two of the core reasons my children struggled with reading.

Well, she helped us fix that. Twenty years later, my family used her methods to help my 5-year-old grandson become a successful reader. Rather than tell you what happened, I’d love to introduce you to my grandson, Ray, now age 6…