Blog “They Hugged Me!” — H.S. Principal

October 22, 2023

From a mother: “We can’t thank you enough!” From a grandmother volunteering her time to tutor in a school: “The teachers are so frustrated. I want to help.” And, from a retired high school principal: “It’s the only thing that ever made a former student come back to school and give me a hug. (Read Right) made all the difference.”

Teachers across the country are frustrated because huge numbers of students either (a) aren’t learning to read in Grades 1 and 2, or (b) are arriving in Grades 3 through 12 with reading problems. Why? Schools are being forced to teach reading in a manner that actually opens the door for reading problems to start.

For 40-plus years, Read Right methodology has been rapidly improving reading ability and even totally eliminating reading problems, regardless of the age of students or their disabilities. It is a myth that reading problems cannot be easily fixed after Grade 3. Yes they can–but they cannot be fixed easily through the currently popular “science of reading,” which proclaims that reading can only be taught through explicit, intensive instruction in five skills taught separately: phonemic awareness, phonics/decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

If it were true, the grateful mother of a teen with developmental disabilities mentioned above would not have emailed her gratitude for all of the progress Read Right Online Tutoring has made with her son. The volunteering grandmother would not be eager to get her hands on Read Right materials to help the struggling kindergarten and first grade students she’s working with. And the retired principal who brought Read Right to the high school that she led years ago would not be eagerly signing up her granddaughter for Read Right Online Tutoring. It wasn’t just one “hug” the retired educator received from a returning adult student. It was countless success stories her Read Right tutoring staff experienced with many students that convinced her that Read Right works. Now, she plans to entrust her granddaughter’s reading and future success to us.

Mother, grandmother, and retired school principal have two things in common today: They all contacted our offices during the same hour, and they’ve all asked why more people don’t know about Read Right methodology. Over the next few weeks this blog will explore this question. For now, just know that Read Right methodology PROVES that the popular “science of reading” is wrong. There are many “reading experts” who do not want the public to know about Read Right. Why? It threatens their credibility AND their pocketbooks.

If you know someone who has a child or who themselves is struggling with reading, please tell them about Read Right. We promise we’ll never ask them to decode a single word…and we also promise that, with Read Right, they’ll experience what reading excellence truly is.

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