"If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted." ~SIR FRANCIS BACON 1561-1626~

Native Peoples Primary Core Curriculum

The Mystery Turns Up Every Year

A few four and five-year-olds in communities across America every year figure out the reading process on their own—without formal instruction. They arrive at school reading with excellence and understanding what they read. Their parents, glowing with pride, can’t explain how it happened. They simply read aloud to Robby or Ramona and the sharp child figured out the rest. Quite wonderfully, “precocious readers” remain excellent readers throughout their school careers.

How Is It Possible?

Read Right’s Primary Core Curriculum is the only K-3 reading program grounded and tested in a comprehensive theory of how precocious readers teach themselves to read.* The Curriculum includes the “basics” (explicit instruction in alphabetic sound-symbol associations plus active development of vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension) and adds so much more. Read Right’s Primary Core Curriculum integrates multiple strategies considered “best practices” for many phases of reading development. Strategies such as:

  • Read-aloud activities for the development of vocabulary and concept knowledge
  • Small group work with five or six children
  • Guided practice through daily coached reading
  • Oral, silent, and independent reading
  • Ongoing summative and formative assessment, with real-time feedback for children
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • and more

*See Read Right! Coaching Your Child to Excellence in Reading
by Dee Tadlock, Ph.D., Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2005

The Key to Read Right’s Effectiveness

Think for a moment about a master musician or professional athlete you admire. What made him or her successful? Hard work probably comes to mind—but it was more than that. Virtually every individual who masters music or a sport does so because he or she developed an appropriate concept of what “excellence” looks or feels like. Without this “goal” and intentional effort to achieve it, excellence is elusive. Read Right’s highly structured methodology builds “excellence” into every reading lesson!

Educators today recognize that it isn’t enough to teach young children to decode words. More is required to transform children into excellent readers. Read Right’s Primary Core Curriculum is complete and comprehensive. Using excellence as the constant expectation, Read Right transforms students into eager, enthusiastic readers.

Features of the Read Right Primary Core Curriculum

Student-Centered Instruction: Regardless of age or grade, each student is placed in the Read Right program according to his stage of development (Stages One through Five). Stage One teaches the explicit aspects of reading (phonics, concept of word, etc.) and uses wordless picture books to begin developing a concept that reading isn’t about the words—it’s about the author’s meaning. When a student exits from Stage Five, his brain is able to implicitly plan, coordinate, and integrate numerous neural systems to guide the complex process of reading successfully. In other words, he has become an excellent reader!

Intensive, In-Depth Staff Training: Over the course of a school year, up to five primary classroom teachers and two aides in one building or set of buildings are trained to implement the Read Right Primary Core Curriculum. Teachers and aides receive introductory information before implementation begins followed by hands-on training with students present during 25 regular classroom reading periods.

TURN KEY—Read Right Provides Everything Needed for a Successful Project!

Every classroom receives all the books and supporting materials needed to implement a successful reading program. This includes:

  • One customized “Core Library” for every classroom (approximately 250-450 books per room, depending upon grade level
  • Manuals for trainees and assessments for initial student placement
  • Techniques for providing real-time feedback to students
  • Management systems to track student progress and for formative assessment
  • A suggested grading system and parent information
  • Certificates for trainees upon demonstration of Primary Core Curriculum competency

Implementing the Primary Core Curriculum Simultaneously with an Intervention Program

You can implement the Read Right Primary Core Curriculum in one classroom at the same time you implement the Read Right Intervention Program. This allows you to demonstrate the effectiveness of the model (at a significantly reduced price) to lay the groundwork for future expansion.

The Read Right program is awesome! My son has been participating in the online tutoring for a couple of months now, and I'm very impressed with the progress he has made in such a short amount of time. Specifically, when he reads out loud, it is much smoother and clearer, and his reading speed and comprehension have both improved dramatically.

— Mother of Read Right Student —