News Native Students: Program Puts Kids On Track to Graduate

October 15, 2008

By Todd Fredson and Clyde Naasz
Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation, North Dakota

Graduation Rates Climb Rapidly—Unique Reading Program Solves the Most Difficult Reading Problems.

“When we first brought Read Right in, a little over 1300 books were checked out from the High School library. Last year, a little over 2300 books were checked out. This year 4,660 books have been checked out!” reports Clyde Naasz, Assistant Superintendent of Standing Rock Community Schools in Ft. Yates, North Dakota.

Naasz has also seen a dramatic increase in high school graduation rates. He believes there is a direct connect ion between the increase in the number of students graduating and Read Right, the innovative reading intervention program implemented three years ago. In 2004 -05, 32 students graduated from the high school, and in 2005 -06, 44 students graduated. In the 2006 -07 year, Standing Rock High School graduated 59 students. Naasz says that while many reading programs say they’ll advance kids a grade level or two, he’s seen students in Read Right advance as much as 4, 5, or even 6 grade levels in a single school year.

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