News Raymond Reads Right

April 18, 2007

By Anne Radford, Daily World Writer

Last fall, 13-year-old Nathan Crawford didn’t like to read in front of his class. Now the sixth – grader doesn‘t hesitate to hop out of his seat.

In her social studies class, 11 -year -old Kandi Stigall had a hard time understanding her textbook. Almost a full year later, the fifth -grader says she is the first person to raise her hand with an answer.

Both Raymond Elementary School students have worked hard to improve their reading skills with the help of a district -wide reading intervention program called Read Right.

“There has been amazing growth in kids we just could not get to read,“ says Superintendent Steve Holland, noting that at a recent School Board meeting Elementary School Principal Joan Leach brought a tape of a student reading. “It’s just incredible. You listen to him and you can’t believe it’s the same kid.” Read The PDF