"If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted." ~SIR FRANCIS BACON 1561-1626~

College Developmental Reading Program

The Right Choice for Colleges

Reading problems are caused when students construct a faulty neural network to guide the process of reading. Because the network has errors encoded in, it operates inappropriately when it is accessed to read. The result is less than efficient, effective reading.

The only way to eliminate a reading problem is to compel the brain to remodel the network that is guiding the process inappropriately. The Read Right developmental reading program compels the brain to do this remodeling work, resulting in comfortable, natural reading and comprehension of the author’s message. Brains are “plastic,” but they are resistant to remodeling existing networks. The tutoring environment must be precise to facilitate the remodeling work. Read Right consultants come to your campus and train members of your staff to be small group tutors, skilled in providing just the right environment for developmental reading.

Imagine the effective learning community you could establish if all students could easily and comfortably get information from print! With Read Right’s innovative intervention model this is possible.

Intensive, In-Depth Training of Your Staff

  • Seven weeks (spread over 18 weeks) of effective training are provided to your staff in implementing the innovative Read Right methodology. Because the training is hands-on, service to your students starts immediately. Your staff also becomes proficient in performing individual student assessments as well as in using the project management and student management systems, training materials, implementation manuals, reporting systems, and quality assurance systems.
  • Up to 4 staff members are trained at one time. They can be certified teachers, instructional aides, or a combination of the two. Each adult works with five students during one tutoring session. These can be (in any combination) Title III students, special needs students, English language learners, or any student who isn’t an efficient, effective reader.

Read Right System Provides:

  • The Read Right library, consisting of 700+ books, 300+ recorded selections, and all the materials needed to implement the methodology
  • Digital Library (audio files needed for one component of the methodology)
  • Systems for project and student management, assessment, quality support and assurance, evaluation, and reporting
  • Extensive off-site support for on-going quality assurance and collaborative problem-solving when our consultants are not at your site training

Optional Read Right Trainer Training

Most clients opt for training a Read Right Trainer so they can bring in-house the expertise required for expansion and quality assurance:

  • One Read Right Tutor is trained to be a trainer through a hands-on model in which up to four additional tutors are brought on board

Read Right Online Tutoring Services: An Implementation Alternative

The Read Right intervention program can be delivered through direct Online tutoring of your students rather than through training your staff. This option is perfect for potential clients who want to pilot Read Right, homebound students, colleges that have limited staffing, or clients that have only small numbers of students.

  • Students are tutored in groups of four via the internet by Read Right employees
    Each student must have access to a computer with Internet connection, a webcam, and a headset with a microphone
  • For more information about staff training for our on-site programs contact us at info@readright.com or call (360) 427-9440 (PST).

We have increased demand for Read Right on our campus because of word of mouth. Word is getting out that this is a program that works, and students want to be able to improve their reading in the shortest time possible.

— Karen Poor, Read Right Tutor, Ashland Community & Technical College, Ashland, KY —