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Read Right is exceptionally successful at helping college students rapidly improve reading skills. Proficient reading skills or above smooth the path to college the success. Check out the following:

Results from Recent College Student Surveys

  • 99% of students stated that they felt they were better readers as a result of being in Read Right
  • 93% of students stated that they did better in other classes as a result of their improved reading
  • 93% of students would recommend Read Right to someone else who needed help in reading

Student Program Exit Interviews

“I feel I understand the books or passages I read better. At first I didn’t think I needed to take this class, but I am glad I did, because it has seriously improved my reading. I enjoy reading now:” – Jillian, age 18

“My grades in all of my classes have improved 100% since I started the Read Right program:” – Rachel, age 18

“Being a student in the Read Right program has helped me out tremendously. I am now helping my 9-year-old become an excellent reader. I enjoy reading now more than ever:” – Cindy, age 32

“I really enjoyed the class. I am more confident when I read. Before, I was in an abusive relationship, and he constantly put me down and made fun of how I talk. Now I am more confident when I talk or read:” – Betty, age 33

Success at Midlands Technical College, 2009-2010

At Midlands Technical College, Columbia, South Carolina, Read Right is funded by a Title III grant. Students served in this grant are those who scored the lowest on the college entrance exam.

Retention Rates

  • Fall to Spring: Read Right Title III Cohort = 95%; all other developmental students = 74%
  • Spring to Fall: Read Right Title III Cohort = 66%; all other developmental students = 35%

Success Rates (Earned a Grade of A, B, or C in Their Classes)

  • Read Right Title III Cohort = 80%
  • All other developmental students = 70%

Reading Grade Level Gain as Measured by the Test of Adult Basic Education

  • Read Right Title III Cohort = 2.37
  • All other developmental students = 1.86

GPA in Developmental Courses

  • Read Right Title III Cohort = 2.08
  • All other developmental students = 1.84

When I read I feel different; I feel that it is easier. I don’t struggle to read each word. I simply look at text, and it seems like text is talking to me. It flows in a line of thought; as a result it is much easier to understand. It doesn’t feel to me as though I am reading, it sounds. . . I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe it is like reading someone’s thoughts. It’s not about the text; it’s all about meanings and I think I just get the meanings.

— Student, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, WA —