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Each topic in blue below is a link to a video testimonial. Click on the text to go to the video. During seven business days in May 2011, fourteen schools and one college invited educators, administrators, students, and parents to talk about Read Right tutoring. Enthusiasm was overwhelming. Our thanks to all of the individuals and schools volunteering to participate.

Online Tutoring Service

Mother & Her Two Children
Online Tutoring at a Special Needs School

School-Based Programs (Leaders & Administrators)

Part I: Former Principal of the Year Explains Why Program Works
Part II: Examples--From Down Syndrome to AP Students
School Board Member Shares Her Observations
Middle School Principal: Read Right is THE Solution
High School Principal, Irving, TX: Success with At-Risk Students
Principal & Former College/Pro Ball Player: Read Right's Focus on Excellence
School Principal/Former Dyslexia Teacher: Unique Approach Works


Learning to Read "From" Meaning: The Key to Success
Pre-School Teacher & Daughter Talk About Success in Reading
2nd Grade Teacher: Program is a New Tool for Success
9-Year-Old Demonstrates Success with Reading
3rd Grader: Mother & Son Discuss Transformation
4th Grader: Mark Plays "Before" Tape Then Reads Live
4th Grader: Former Struggling Reader Reads Nearly Every Day Now
4th Grader: Proud Student Demonstrates "Before" & "After" Success
Three 4th & 5 Graders: Students Progress at Their Own Pace
5th Grader: From Struggling Reader to Commended

5th Grader: Reading at a 6th Grade Level
5th Grade Group: Read Right Tutoring Like Sports Training
Grade 3-8 Educator: One Methodology Works for All Ages 

Middle School

Middle School Girls: Group Discusses Their Individual Success
6th Grader: Helps Students Read as Smoothly as They Talk
7th Grader: Mother & Son Tried Other Private Tutoring
13-Year-Old: Learning to Judge Excellence in Reading
13-Year-Old: Becoming a Reader AND an Honor Roll Student
8th Grader: Former Struggling Reader Reads With Excellence
8th Grader: Athlete Didn't Think He Would Pass 8th Grade
8th Grader: From Struggling Reader to College Bound
8th Grader: Mother & Daughter "Shocked" by Success
8th Grader: Autistic Student Becoming an Excellent Reader
15-Year Old Becomes a Reader
Triple-Digit Success Raising School's State Reading Scores
Comprehensive Manual Guides Tutors' Decisions 

High School

Teen with Cerebral Palsy & ADHD Describes Progress
Teen: Reading and Grades Improve

Teen: Read Right Tutoring Helps College-Bound Student
9th Grader: "We Need More Read Right Classes"
9th Grader: Read Right Is Like Good Sports Training
10th Grader: Reading Now Makes Sense
10th Grade: Senior Looks Back on the Year She was Tutored
11th Grader: Dyslexic & AP Students Equally Successful
12th Grader: Severe Stuttering Not A Barrier to Success
12th Grader: A Second Chance to Learn to Read
Graduating Senior Learns to Read His Senior Year
High School Tutor: Program Forms Bond with Students
High School Teacher: Works for All Kinds of Students

Special Education

Note: Read Right tutoring does not separate students by ability. Look for interviews with special education students in grade level listings above. Interviews with adult program coordinators appear below.
School Director Describes Success of Read Right with All Students
Special Ed Director: Reading Program Produces "Phenomenal" Results
Long-Time Tutor: Program Highly Effective with Behavior Problems

English Language Learners (ELL & ESL)

ELL High School Student: Growing 6 to 7 Grade Levels in 1 Year
ELL College Student: Vocabulary "Exploding"
ELL Educator: Read Right Helps With Language, Too

College (Success with Adults)

College Dean Praises Reading Program
Professor of Reading Explains Why Read Right Works
Elementary Teacher Helping College Students Read
Two Semesters: From Struggling to Success with College Material
Methodology Helps Adult Immigrant Read & Speak in English
Tutoring Helps Adults Meet College Goals
College Student Goes from Skepticism to Belief
College Facilitator & Certified Elementary Teacher: Read Right Works