Reviews National Center on Intensive Intervention at American Institute

March 30, 2020
Read Right has two delivery Models:
1. Site-Based (delivered to your students by your teachers and aides trained in Read Right methodology)

2. Online Reading Tutoring Service (delivered to your students by online tutors employed by Read Right Systems)
Read Right small-group tutoring for reading can be delivered Online, via the latest video conferencing technology. Students see and hear the reading tutor and the tutor sees and hears each student. This option is appropriate for before or after school programs; supplemental education services; potential school clients that may want to pilot Read Right before beginning a site-based adoption; home bound students; schools that have limited staffing; or clients who have only small numbers of students. The Online format is 1 tutor to 4 students. It has been used effectively with regular education, special education, and English language learners in mixed groups.
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