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The Read Right Intervention Program is Effective with English Language Learners

Read Right projects for English Language Learners enable non-native speakers who want to improve their English language proficiency to quickly develop competence and comfort in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The expectation of the student is shifted away from a concept of learning vocabulary and grammar rules first and then using the language and towards a concept of learning the language as he or she uses it. In this way, Read Right mirrors the way the brain learns language naturally and so is more effective and more efficient than methodologies that cause the brain to learn language in an unnatural way.

Read Right English Language Learners will

  • Expand their vocabulary so they can more readily express their thinking and understand others
  • Improve their ability to use appropriate English structure to facilitate oral and written communication with native speakers
  • Improve their pronunciation so they are more easily understood

Read Right Works for All English Language Learners—Even Those with Reading Problems

  • Read Right helps students at all levels of language proficiency; entry requirement: students must be able to understand the English in early first-grade books
  • Read Right’s approach to accent reduction quickly helps students whose accents make them very difficult to understand
  • The Read Right methodology simultaneously addresses reading problems and English communication needs

Fast Results Increase Employee Involvement in the Life of the Company

Employees who don’t read or speak English as well as they would like often lack the self-confidence to fully participate in the activities of their workplace. They may be concerned about their job security or the potential for ridicule from co-workers. Even though these employees have good ideas and are industrious and loyal workers, their lack of confidence and low self-esteem are disempowering. Helping them eliminate their reading and English communication problems gives a powerful boost to their self-esteem and self-confidence with a consequent dramatic increase in participation in improvement teams. Eliminating reading problems and improving English language skills also helps employees do their job assignments better. They can correctly read customer orders, safety instructions, procedural changes, and policy updates, and they begin to speak up and ask questions when they don’t understand.

Control Group Study Conducted by Procter & Gamble, Guangzho, China

Measurement Instrument: Test of International English Communication (TOEIC)

Comparison Group #1: Full-time intensive language study in small groups using company-sponsored conventional English classes

Conclusion: Read Right students, who attended class 4 times per week, improved proficiency 2.65 times faster

Comparison Group #2: Part-time one-on-one language study using company-sponsored conventional English classes

Conclusion: Read Right students, who attended class 4 times per week, improved proficiency 3 times faster

Letter to an ESL student in response to the student’s letter to the manager thanking him for bringing in the Read Right program: 

“I have seen the difference in you.  When you first started working in the Lab, you were indeed very quiet.  Since that time, you have begun participating in meetings and at other gatherings.  You volunteered to take on the role of BBS Champion for our team, giving presentations at our department meetings and actively participating in the BBS meetings.  The Read Right program was brought in just for this reason, to help people improve their skills and gain self-confidence.”

– Production Manager, Hewlett Packard