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Extensive data documents that Read Right tutoring works to quickly and efficiently improve reading ability. You will notice a significant difference in eight sessions—guaranteed. For individuals and families, our system is set up to provide (1) an initial assessment, after which you can decide whether to proceed; (2) enrollment and all of the materials that the student needs during the online tutoring process; and (3) regularly scheduled tutoring (you can decide whether to tutor one to five days each week). If after the first eight tutoring sessions, the student has not demonstrated progress as defined by a diminishment of the symptoms that emerge during an oral read, the program can be discontinued and the client can return all the materials for a full refund of tutoring and materials charges. Only the $85.00 reading consultation charge is non-refundable.

"What Can I Expect from Read Right Online Tutoring?"

  • Because Read Right is an individualized tutoring service, it is appropriate for all ages and all reading levels.
  • At program entry, every student is assessed for optimum reading level and sent a set of books to use for the duration of the tutoring program.
  • Every student is assigned a tutoring time and will work with a trained and certified Read Right tutor in our highly structured small-group system.
  • During every session, at the direction of the Read Right Online Tutor, students alternate between our Excellent Reading Component and the Coached Reading Component, working at the student's own pace.

The Excellent Reading Component uses our patented system of "cycling" that insures that every student—regardless of the level of reading problem—achieves excellence in reading, including individuals with dyslexia. Within the cycling process, students learn to accurately judge their own reading excellence with familiar text and to hold themselves strictly accountable to achieve excellence each and every time they read. As students achieve success with reading over and over again, they progressively remodel the neural network that guides the reading process to produce excellent reading each and every time they read.

During our Coached Reading Component, symptoms of the reading problem emerge as students read aloud from unfamiliar text. The tutor provides immediate feedback to "nudge" the student back on the road to reading excellence.

The total number of sessions required to completely eliminate the reading problem depends upon the individual student, his or her age, and the extent of the reading problem.

"Just want you to know that this whole experience thus far has been the best thing that has ever happened to Jonathan. You have given him something that I thought was lost—HOPE. I could never thank you enough... ." 

       –Donna Tumlin, Alabama (Jonathan was a 6th grader at time of Read Right Individual Tutoring)

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For more information about our Online Tutoring contact Mervina Sturgeon at mervinas@readright.com or call (360) 545-4443 (Pacific Standard Time).