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About ELL

Effective with English Language Learners

Before we're old enough to start school, most of us learn to speak through a process of meaningful interactions with experienced speakers. Read Right methodology improves the ability of English Language Learners to both speak and read in English through a similar process. Rather than focusing on the "parts and pieces" of language, Read Right's highly structured methods shift student attention away from learning vocabulary and grammar rules to a concept of learning language through interactions with the meaning-filled language of books and stories. In this way, Read Right parallels the way very young children learn language.

Read Right English Language Learners Will:

  • Expand their vocabulary so they can more readily express their thinking and understand others
  • Improve their ability to use appropriate English structure to facilitate oral and written communication with native speakers
  • Improve their pronunciation so they are more easily understood

Read Right Works for All English Language Learners—Even Those with Reading Problems

  • The Read Right methodology simultaneously addresses reading problems and English communication needs
  • Read Right helps students at all levels of language proficiency; entry requirement: students must be able to understand the English in early first-grade books
  • Read Right’s approach to accent reduction quickly helps students whose accents make them very difficult to understand

Fast Results

  • The average advancement for middle and high school English Language Learners in Read Right is 22 hours of tutoring per grade level advanced
  • Teachers in other classes quickly notice the improvement in English communication
  • The immediate and consistent feedback that is required to shape language acquisition by making the brain aware of areas of confusion and erroneous understandings is not possible in a large group setting; the five-to-one tutoring format of the language acquisition model is a key ingredient in its efficiency and effectiveness

English Language Learners Data—2011-2012 Results

Read Right tutoring is highly effective with English language learners. Consider these results, reported by elementary, middle, and high schools using Read Right tutoring with ELL students:

Testing Instrument: Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests, Comprehension Sub-Set
Testers: Various schools implementing Read Right tutoring

  • Elementary ELL Students (n=114): 1.44 grade levels of gain with 44 hours of tutoring (11.5 NCE gain)
  • Middle School ELL Students (n=225): 1.97 grade levels of gain with 47 hours of tutoring (13.8 NCE gain)
  • High School ELL Students (n=260): 2.64 grade levels of gain with 44 hours of tutoring (12.9 NCE gain)

Read Right is highly effective with English language learners because it is a highly structured language-intensive system, involving daily oral English-language speaking and reading with active and ongoing support provided for proper English pronunciation, sentence structure, and vocabulary. At every level, our comprehensive system uses a library composed of hundreds of books to help English language learners grow their knowledge of both language and the world as they build excellent reading skills. It is a complete, turn-key system.

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