A Truly Innovative Reading Solution

Texas Students Become Excellent Readers


Thousands of Texas students have improved their reading ability through Read Right small-group tutoring.Pat Harper

Reduce the Number of Students Needing Special Education Services 
Multiple Texas school districts have reduced the number of students needing special education services by improving student reading ability. In this Video Clip, Pat Harper of the Freestone-Navarro Bi-County Coop talks about how school districts in two counties south of Dallas have used Read Right tutoring to reduce the special education population by half in just a few years.  

Provide Innovative Intervention for Mild to Severe Reading Problems
In this Video Clip, Melinda Reeves, former Texas Secondary School Principal of the Year, talks about how Read Right small-group tutoring helped her former school become an exemplary campus. For a decade, the methodology has worked in Texas to transform students with mild to severe reading problems into successful, proficient readers.

Help Texas Students of All Ages with All Kinds of Reading Problems 
Students, parents, and school officials in Post, Texas, have been pleasantly surprised to find that Read Right works with all ages and all kinds of reading problems. In this Video Clip, a high school student diagnosed with dyslexia and an AP student and their parents talk about how Read Right tutoring transformed both students. In this Video Clip, Teacher Peggy Graves explains the success of Read Right tutoring with Post elementary and middle school students. And, in this Video Clip, Post High School Principal John Berry describes years of searching and finally finding a reading intervention program that works.

Read Right is distinctly different. Rather than focus student attention on the identification of individual words, the comprehensive and highly structured Read Right System applies science that views reading as a complex, cognitive process that must be performed through the proper intergration and coordination of multiple neural systems. Because reading is so complex, Read Right methodology teaches students to focus the act of reading on the construction of meaning from the moment reading begins, rather than individual word identification. Teaching students to construct meaning with text is the right approach to reading instruction and beneficial for all students who struggle with reading. The methods have been validated as effective by Gold-Standard Research and positively reviewed by the National Center for Response to Intervention.