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About ELL

Effective with English Language Learners

Read Right programs for English Language Learners enable participants to develop competence and comfort in using English. The expectation of the student is shifted away from a concept of learning vocabulary and grammar rules first and then using the language learned and towards a concept of learning the language as he or she uses it. In this way, Read Right mirrors the way the brain learns language naturally and so is more effective and more efficient than methodologies that cause the brain to learn language in an unnatural way.

Read Right English Language Learners Will:

  • Expand their vocabulary so they can more readily express their thinking and understand others
  • Improve their ability to use appropriate English structure to facilitate oral and written communication with native speakers
  • Improve their pronunciation so they are more easily understood

Read Right Works for All English Language Learners—Even Those with Reading Problems

  • The Read Right methodology simultaneously addresses reading problems and English communication needs.
  • Read Right helps students at all levels of language proficiency. Entry requirement: students must be able to understand the English in early first-grade books.
  • Read Right’s approach to accent reduction quickly helps students whose accents make them very difficult to understand.

Fast Results

  • The average advancement for middle and high school English Language Learners in Read Right is 22 hours of tutoring per grade level advanced.
  • The immediate and consistent feedback that is required to shape language acquisition by making the brain aware of areas of confusion and erroneous understandings is not possible in a large group setting. The five-to-one tutoring format of the language acquisition model is a key ingredient in its efficiency and effectiveness.

English Language Learners Data—Secondary Students

Average Grade Level Gain for Middle Schools Average Grade Level Gain for High Schools
Average NCE Gain for Middle Schools Average NCE Gain for High Schools

*Interpretation of Normal Curve Equivalent (NCE) Scores:

An NCE gain of 0 means that the student held his own in the norming population—he didn’t get further behind, nor did he make any progress in closing the achievement gap. Thus, small NCE gains can be significant.

Borman, Hewes, Ovverman & Brown (2003) have defined a gain of 1.9 to 3.2 NCE in one school year as “meaningful.” Read Right results for combined secondary projects during 2009 reflect NCE gains that are more than three times what is considered meaningful—and they were obtained with only 42 hours of tutoring on average.