A Truly Innovative Reading Solution

Funding Sources

Do you want to invest in highly effective reading improvement? Read Right provides consistent, reliable, significant, and permanent improvement for all categories of students. 

Read Right is Cost Effective when Measured by Cost Per Grade Level Gained

Read Right yields a high return on your investment

High attrition rates for underprepared students are expensive

  • Read Right eliminates a major barrier to academic success

Losing Human Potential is expensive

  • Eliminating a reading problem gives the student ready access to information, ideas, and inspiration through print.

Many colleges want to bring Read Right to their students, but where will they get the funding? Funds can be drawn from several different budgets and combined to invest in Read Right.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

  • Significant, permanent, and transformational improvement in reading for even the most challenged students
  • Seven weeks of intensive hands-on training spread over one semester (or two quarters)—all day every day plus one hour after the last tutoring session
  • Staff trained to deal effectively with struggling readers—including special needs and ELL
  • 700+ book library and 300+ recorded selections configured to work with total non-readers through college level
  • Student management system and project management system
  • Digital Library (audio files needed for one component of the methodology)
  • Detailed monthly reports verifying each student’s progress and measuring the health of the project as a whole
  • Quality assurance systems