A Truly Innovative Reading Solution


Success at Ashland Community & Technical College, 2006-2010

Over a four year period, Read Right Intervention Program students at Ashland Community & Technical College (Ashland, KY) were administered the Test of Adult Basic Education as a pre-test at the beginning of each semester and a different form of the test at the end of the semester. Results follow: 

Average Grade Equivalency Gain as Averaged Over the Eight Semesters

  • Read Right students averaged a gain of 1.7 grade equivalents per semester
  • The range was 1.4-2.1 grade levels of gain
Student Survey Results, 2009-2010 School Year
  • 99% of students stated that they felt they were better readers as a result of being in Read Right
  • 93% of students stated that they did better in other classes as a result of their improved reading
  • 93% of students would recommend Read Right to someone else who needed help in reading
Student Exit Interviews 2009-2010 School Year

“I feel I understand the books or passages I read better. At first I didn’t think I needed to take this class, but I am glad I did, because it has seriously improved my reading. I enjoy reading now:”  – Jillian, age 18

“My grades in all of my classes have improved 100% since I started the Read Right program:” – Rachel, age 18

“Being a student in the Read Right program has helped me out tremendously. I am now helping my 9-year-old become an excellent reader. I enjoy reading now more than ever:” – Cindy, age 32

“I really enjoyed the class. I am more confident when I read. Before, I was in an abusive relationship, and he constantly put me down and made fun of how I talk. Now I am more confident when I talk or read:” – Betty, age 33

Success at Midlands Technical College, 2009-2010

At Midlands Technical College, Columbia, South Carolina, Read Right is funded by a Title III grant. Students served in this grant are those who scored the lowest on the college entrance exam.

Retention Rates
  • Fall to Spring: Read Right Title III Cohort = 95%; all other developmental students = 74%
  • Spring to Fall: Read Right Title III Cohort = 66%; all other developmental students = 35%
Success Rates (Earned a Grade of A, B, or C in Their Classes)
  • Read Right Title III Cohort = 80%
  • All other developmental students = 70%
Reading Grade Level Gain as Measured by the Test of Adult Basic Education
  • Read Right Title III Cohort = 2.37
  • All other developmental students = 1.86
GPA in Developmental Courses
  • Read Right Title III Cohort = 2.08
  • All other developmental students = 1.84